5 myths about interracial dating



In this day and age, interracial dating is slowly becoming common especially in multination countries like the United States and Great Britain however, despite the rise; couples in interracial relationships sometimes face scrutiny from the public who think they are engaging in the relationship for less than honorable reasons. The 5 myths that will be highlighted in this article will show that dating outsides your races is a still a massive source of stigma.

1. When people say “interracial” it means white and black

This is perhaps the biggest myth out there when it comes to interracial dating where the majority of people think that it always has to be a person of color and a white person for it to be called “interracial”. All in all interracial couples is two people from different heritages or cultures. Since is mainly overlooked because we live in a society where race is mainly based on the colour of your skin (black or white).

2. If you are in an interracial relationship, it means you are not interested in your own race
People immediately assume that those in interracial relationships have never dated their own race before and will never entertain that idea either. It is true that some people prefer to date people of a particular race, however; it does not mean that they will not date someone of their own race at some point. If one is not familiar with the dating history of someone, it is unfair to assume that dating other races is all they are interested in and their own race has no chance.

3. Most people in interracial relationships hate themselves

This more applies to people of color where they are accused by people of their own race for hating themselves and choosing to date across the color line which is not true because the majority of people of color are absolutely proud of their heritage and choosing to date other races is more to do with love and preference.

4. White people in interracial relationships/marriages are simply rebelling against their own race
While small groups of people in interracial relationships, especially people of color are accused of self-hate, white people, on the other hand, are accused of being a rebel or rebelling against their own race. Some of the things that are said about them include “they didn’t get into this relationship for true love; this was simply to get one over their parents”. This is sad but a true fact from outside especially if they do not know what is going on.

5. People of color in interracial relationships date down

Most people of color are often accused of this because others seem to think they are with a partner who is not the best looking, does not have a good job and isn’t educated. This claim has been dismissed by experts because many white people in developed countries are very well educated, independent and very attractive.

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