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Top Series With Interracial Relationships

black women white men dating

Interracial couples sometimes feel like they don’t have any representation in the media. But there are series that feature couples of different races. Here are a few of the best.

1. Jessica Jones

This Marvel series focuses on the titular character Jessica Jones. A private investigator with super strength, she’s recovering after being in a very abusive relationship with a mind-controller called Kilgrave.
Despite the fact that she finds it hard to trust men and be in a relationship after her experience, she opens up to Luke Cage, who just happens to be another person with superpowers.

This story of a black man and white woman romance shows how a relationship can be mutually healing after both people involved went through rough experiences.

2. A Handmaid’s Tale

While the white woman black man relationship isn’t a focus of this series, it is certainly a big part of it.

The story follows June, who has been renamed Offred, in a dystopian society where women are oppressed and reduced to their ability to bear children.
It tells the heartbreaking story of how she is torn away from her husband and child and forced to have children for other couples. It’s a must-watch that explores the complicated ideas of oppression and freedom.

3. Master of None

Aziz Ansari, of Parks and Rec fame, is an Indian man who was sick of Indian men not being portrayed as desirable in media.
He created and stars in this show that features him dating various women of different races, showing that Indian men get around just as much as any other guy out there.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This comedic show has a very dramatic premise that makes it sound too dark to be funny. After being kept captive by a cult leader for fifteen years, Kimmy has to try and make a life for herself in New York after being rescued.

She soon meets Dong Nguyen, an undocumented Vietnamese immigrant, who develops a romance with. The show addresses racial stereotypes with humor and shows that romance is possible even under the weirdest of circumstances.

Not only does the show address interracial romance, but it’s also one of the funniest shows on air right now.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This show features two great interracial couples. Firstly there’s the romance between Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago. These two never once got hung up on the fact that they aren’t the same race ad show just how normal and cute an interracial relationship can be in reality.

The second great interracial relationship is between black Captain Ray Holt and his white gay partner Kevin Cozner. Not only are they an interracial couple, they are a homosexual couple as well.

The show does a great job of showing how these two love each other just like any other people would love their partners in a relationship.
It is also not afraid to address some of the criticism and discrimination the two have faced both due to their racial difference and the fact that they are gay.

Two Major Stereotypes Associated with black women white men dating

These days, one can’t help but notice how much interracial dating has grown to become popular amongst single men and ladies. People are no longer one directional in reasoning, unlike those years when engaging in any form of relationship with a different race is considered a taboo. Although most countries have come to an agreement that interracial relationship should be a part of human existence and individuals buying the idea, don’t be surprised that certain people still carry wrong thoughts and imaginations about interracial couples. The two major stereotypes associated with interracial dating include sex and social status.

Sex has and will always be a very hot topic when it comes to dating as a whole and the funny thing is that most people avoid discussing about it. In short, they pretend they don’t know what it means but deep down in their minds, they are nursing wrong thoughts – in that area – about couples of different races they see together. A typical example is when people see black men white women dating.  While a lot of people admires their union and hope that they keep the fire burning, another group of irrational thinking people will conclude that the White woman is after the Black man because Black men are known to be strong in bed. Or that the Black man went after the White woman because White women are known to be adventurous in bed. These are really wrong thoughts that are not expected of people in this modern world. If they have found true love with each other then let them enjoy themselves and try to build your reasoning around positive ideas rather than negative.

Social Status is another strong stereotype associated with interracial dating. You find two happy interracial couples driving off in their expensive SUV and you can’t help but conclude that the Black woman was only after making it up the social ladder. It’s possible they met on black women white men dating sites where one can’t instantly tell how financially buoyant the other is; and so they could be dating for about 6 months or even more before meeting each other live. In a scenario as this, they must have built a strong foundation for their relationship on love rather than material things. It’s just her luck that the man ended up being someone with an influential social status. What if on the other hand the man happened to be an average earner, I’m sure she’ll still be his lover as long as he can properly take care of her.

Please don’t get the whole motive of this article wrong. It is true that some people go into a relationship just because of sex or money but it is not up to you to decide why a particular person is dating someone in a different race especially since you’ve never met either of them before. One reason why you have to change your line of reasoning is the fact that no matter how much you continue to think in that line, interracial couples will continue being one of the most beautiful proof that love is truly blind.